Resources for Land Use Planning

We do our best to make buying land and turning it into whatever you dream it to be as simple as possible. This page will provide useful information related to improving your property with things such as utilities, county or city contact information, and other helpful material.

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San Bernardino County

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Zoning and Development Frequently Asked Questions (click here)

Zoning Maps (click here)

Development Code (click here)

Land Development Questions (click here): Road Questions, FEMA/Flood Zone Questions, Elevation Certificate Questions, Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Questions, Post Construction Measure Plan (PCMP), Miscellaneous (patent reservation, local/regional fees, 50% rule, implied dedication)

Planning Questions (click here): Alternative Shelter Questions, Animal Keeping Questions, Manufactured Home Questions, Zoning Questions, TPM Lot Merger/etc Questions, Accessory Dwelling Unit Questions, Short Term Rental Questions

Building and Safety Questions (click here): Permit Questions, Inspection Process

Cannabis Questions (click here): How can I report a cannabis business operating illegally in the unincorporated county areas? Can people smoke recreationally cannabis in public? Can children legally use or grow recreational cannabis? Can I possess or use cannabis in the unincorporated areas of county without a medical marijuana identification card? I am a qualified patient with a medical marijuana identification card; can my primary caregiver cultivate cannabis for me in the unincorporated areas of the county? Can I cultivate cannabis for my persona use in the unincorporated areas of the county? Can I deliver cannabis products within the unincorporated area, if I operate a commercial cannabis business in another jurisdiction? California votes legalized cannabis for medical and recreational purposes; how can the County then prohibit commercial cannabis activity? Can I operate a cannabis business in San Bernardino County?

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