F A Qs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does purchasing a property from your site work?

It might seem daunting, but we help make it simple and straightforward. Enter your information as it’s requested. We’ll review it and be in touch shortly there after. We’ll walk you through each step of the way!


Are you a real estate agent?

Short answer – No. Longer answer, we sometimes work with real estate agents. But we, ourselves, are not agents. We’re just business owners and a Wolfie 🐺 (he’s the boss; let’s be honest) buying and selling land at a discount to you.


Can you help me look for a specific kind of property?

Great question! If you join our mailing list, we will add you to our VIP list, and you’ll be one of the very first notified before we list any new properties to the public. (Your email address remains confidential with us, and we will never spam you.)

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We can only do so much in finding a specific type. However, if we currently do not have what you’re looking for, please still contact us and let us know what you want. We network with many other land investors across the country who also offer discounted deals, and we’re happy to connect you with the right one. 


Are there any hidden fees when buying land from you?

Absolutely NO hidden fees. Any and all costs associated with the purchase will be brought up at the beginning. We keep this process very transparent and open. 

Why are your properties so cheap?

We are exceptionally good at acquiring land for a great price and pass on the savings to you. Wolfie is a fantastic negotiator. 🐺 😉 


How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

We understand the concerns when making an online purchase. We realize that you may need a little time to physically check out your new piece of land, so we offer a no explanation required, 45-day money back guarantee, and we will refund you 100% of the purchase price (full disclosure: unfortunately, we cannot refund any of your due diligence costs or fees; only the full purchase price that you paid to us). 

However, let’s be frank…we could not remain in business very long if we didn’t do this with integrity and honesty. This is our family business; it’s what puts food on our table.

Additionally, we are a legitimate business registered with both the IRS and the state of California since February 2019. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau. 

When it comes to our properties, we perform our due diligence and obtain clear title before we list them for sale. But don’t take our word for it. You, too, should always do your homework and research before making a purchase like this. We will help guide you through this process if you’re not sure where to start; no worries.

Did we miss something? 

Got more questions? We’d love to hear from you. Click here to send us a message. We’ll get back in touch with you as quickly as we can. 

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